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Digital signage jobs

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Digital signage is a marketing technique that involves showing a message or advertisement on digital signage displays like LED, LCD, and Plasma TVs to a specified audience. Major businesses and brands often use signages for various purposes, including to advertise their goods or to inform customers about a change in the time and date of an event, or table reservations from their front store. In this manner, these companies can make use of the technology to showcase their products in a bid to attract more potential customers to walk into the store and also provide them with real-time updates on the services it offers. Currently, digital signage is being used in many commercial settings all over the world, largely because of its capacity to increase a brand’s utility score, drive in more traffic, and also boost sales. 

Although digital signage has been in use for advertising for many years, it has only just begun to gain significant popularity and sophistication. Digital signage may now display complex content with animation, sound, and video clips instead of the static posters or banners that were once found on the street. Compared to when this sort of advertising was initially developed, the market is far more competitive. However, there are a lot of career opportunities opening up in the digital signage sector. We anticipate a rise in demand in the upcoming years following the fast-paced and constant development of the technology utilized in the digital advertising industry. 

Potential careers in digital signage 

Professionals that are interested in working in the sector need to comprehend both how it operates and the kinds of the specialized skill set needed for success. In the digital signage industry, the top most sought-after jobs openings and career paths include: 

  • Graphic Designer / Content Creator 
  • Digital Signage installation and Support Specialist 
  • Digital Signage Operator 
  • Digital Signage Solution Architect 

Graphic Designer / Content Creator

Graphic Designers, as well as content creators, are professionals who are integral to the curation of designs, messages, and media content that is utilized in digital signage solutions. The entire process of identifying needs, conceptualizing, and producing engaging graphics using illustrations, logos, layouts, photos, and videos is the responsibility of these experts. 

The content of a signage application is the key point of interaction with the audience, thus, it must be delivered precisely and accurately to maximize the likelihood of success. Hence, every digital signage graphic designer is required to undertake the following tasks: 

  • Review design briefs to identify requirements
  • Plan ad campaigns, design outline, and specify financial restrictions
  • Create concepts for images based on the requirements 
  • Map out drafts and convey your ideas
  • Create graphics, logos, animations, and other designs
  • Implement the appropriate visual contrast and arrangements for each graphic; collaborate and work with the creative director and copywriters to develop the final product
  • Test the media content on different platforms
  • Tailor designs in response to criticism while ensuring that the finished visuals and layouts are aesthetically pleasing and consistent with the brand

Most brands will most likely be looking to hire a graphic developer designer that can work with a design team to execute an attractive and informative content as promptly as possible. The role will also require the following qualifications and skills set:

  • 3+ years of graphic design experience 
  • Ability to use fundamental design software and techniques (including Photoshop, Figma, Dreamweaver, inDesign, Illustrator, etc.) 
  • A degree in design, visual arts, or equivalent fields
  • Creative quality and an eye for detail and aesthetics
  • A convincing portfolio of designs, illustrations, and other visual content
  • Ability to work with a team and present deliverables within specified deadlines. 

Digital Signage Installation and Support Specialist

Technical support experts, also known as Digital Signage Installers, are the experts in charge of setting up new signage installations and helping customers and other technicians by identifying and resolving system problems. A candidate for the technical support specialist role must be knowledgeable in fundamental networking hardware and protocols, remote management programs and ticketing systems.

A digital signage technical support is required to:

  • Recommend required signage hardware and software
  • Install new equipment and signage materials
  • Configure operating systems and remote access control 
  • Track hardware operating conditions and system issues 
  • Provide prompt service, troubleshooting, and maintenance of the systems 

Generally, a degree in a relevant discipline, like computer science, information technology, or software engineering, is a basic requirement for this position. Other requirements and skills include:

  • 3-5 years of working experience as a Technical Support Engineer, System Support Engineer, IT help desk technician, or similar positions
  • Expert-level experience with various operating systems and hardware device
  • Outstanding communication and problem-solving skills 
  • Ability to diagnose, fix system issues, and provide detailed technical help 

Digital Signage Operator

Digital Signage Operators are merely signage system administrators who are trained in the implementation, monitoring, and delivery of digital signage software programs and media content scheduling. They control when, how, and often a particular playlist of media content is to be broadcasted and also push out new content and updates as they arrive. As a signage operator, your required tasks include:

  • Administrator and management of all the various signage screens connected to the network 
  • Handle content scheduling and playlist management 
  • Publish and monitor media content across various sites 
  • Assign and control user privileges 

Skills and qualifications for this role include:

  • 3+ years of experience in media broadcast and production, including designing graphics, editing videos, creating, and scheduling media content.
  • Have a working knowledge of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. 
  • Familiarity with utilizing local area networks (LANs) for computers
  • Great communication skills 

Digital Signage Solution Architect

Digital Solutions Architects are personnel who are integral to ensuring that the brand’s marketing goals and strategies are executed and yield a positive outcome. They’re typically involved in the project feasibility studies, marketing strategies, research, pre-sales, and ad-hoc client consulting assignments.

The responsibilities for this position also include:

  • Conduct marketing research and recommend campaign strategy 
  • Bolster customer experience by implementing solutions that will help clients achieve business objectives 
  • Create the architectural framework for digital signage solutions 
  • Implement best practices in digital signage to improve user experience. 

For a role as a digital signage solution architect, your required skills and qualifications include:

  • 5+ years of experience in digital marketing and e-commerce
  • Extensive understanding of digital technology trends and e-commerce procedures 
  • Great problem-solving and communication skills. 

Where to find digital signage jobs


Digital Signage Today

Digital Signage Today is a website dedicated to the digital signage industry since 2007.  The platform informs businesses, brands, and professionals about news, events, trends, as well as job postings in the sector. 


Indeed is famously one of the top job sites, with monthly visitors reaching up to 250 million users. Job openings are updated rapidly, accessible to all for free, and you can find jobs in the digital signage industry here. 


LinkedIn provides professionals with a platform to showcase their skills and experience in various fields. In digital signage, there is no shortage of job opportunities posted on LinkedIn. 


Glassdoor is a Web-based application that provides users with job postings, alerts, and general trends in the professional fields. Digital Signage jobs, as well as job openings in other fields, can be found on the platform. 


Seek is a job posting website popular in Australia and its neighboring regions. Professionals who are seeking digital signage jobs around this region can find job openings here. 


Ziprecruiter is one of the most popular sites for job search and professional development. It is also a good place to seek openings for digital signage jobs. 

Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a job posting web application that is popular in the United States and Canada. They offer the best value and prompt jobs, post alerts, and digital signage jobs can be found on the website. 


JobsDB offers a wide range of digital signage job offers, and employers can create job posts in various fields. 

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