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Storytelling with digital signage


Every other day when we feel unmotivated, an inspiring story we come across makes our day. It is a good idea to keep moving and being moved with the story. Brands and businesses have realized there should be something innovative to keep their audience engaged and attract more new customers. And, yes! It is a story that moves us to take action, though this is what leads a business ahead. Nowadays, story sharing has become a business strategy to retain customers. With the advent of information technology and digitalization, storytelling with digital signage got an uptrend around the business world. Fad to earn fame egresses out of effective strategies to have a better impact on the target audience. That is how digital signage technology tailors this innovative practice in the corporate and retail sectors. 

What is storytelling with digital signage?

Business practices and strategies have been endorsed by digital signage thanks to its powerful visual strike. Storytelling with digital signage is an innovative strategy to share your business odyssey, journey, and messages with your audience and walk-in customers to tell them about what your business meant to them. A high-resolution digital signage display along with dedicated software is integrated to play audio-video content on the screen.

How digital signage tells your immersing story

Digital signage is a powerful tool to envision a deeper glance at the company. Visual effects, graphic design, and high-quality sound pitch your audience in an outstanding frequency. A story playing out your journey takes your customers to as if it is an actual part of it, So, it happens to them to be a part of your story. Psychology says visual observation casts an impactful impression on memory rather than textual ones. 

Let’s discover how to tell a story through digital signage.

Don’t tell, but show how it goes

Forget those old days to read a news bulletin, make your story from the users’ perspective. Do not overdo your content. Create shorter, effective, and meaningful ways to tell your viewers how it all goes. They perceive the visual summary rather than reading the stuff and subsequently snubbed aside.

Turn your stuff entertaining

Often in digital signage people hit a sight, see it and forget the theme later on changing their mindset. This is where the problem goes with your content strategy. Digital content requires some professional software to develop effective content. However, this issue gets resolved as built-in features were added to the signage software. It empowers a simple end-user to make a video with the real strategy or structure. 

Fit it viewers’ purview

No wonder, anything you publish catches your audience’s attention. So, when this happens, there should be a clear content path or story to fit into an audience’s purview. Therefore, it can be appealing for viewers to really ‘grasp the idea’ of what’s being told in the story. Mesmerizing graphic tools and animated motion picture techniques endow the content to be played on a digital signage screen. 

Keep it simple – simple is strong

People have become witty these days, hi-fi ritzy-glitzy content often doesn’t entice them. Instead, a simple but conveying message is a meaningful one to craft your image. Whatever type of signage display you use, remember this: Keep your customer round the corners of your story. That might turn your story counterintuitive because telling “it’s about you” can turn their ways towards you. That is how the idea of depiction goes around cognition. 


Key notes to remember

Remember that businesses exist by gaining customer retention, and nonprofits prevail to help out people and communities. Design your signage story such that it could move the audience to spread your purpose and invite them to become a collaborator of your cause.

  • User spends only 5-8 seconds to cast an eye on content 
  • Story theme should be clear and persuasive
  • Keep a flow of your story to steer your audience to CTA

Keep it exciting – your story should be engaging

A captive story returns an optimal return to the audience. Most of the time, it happens when a story shares a theme with a stirring flow of the narrative. Whether you run a restaurant, fashion outlet, grocery store, spa, or commercial corporation, you host people walking in to give your business. In their short while, you can excite them with your enchanting message. They might have their time (mostly) in the waiting area of the lobby, so that is where indoor digital signage cast a spell to ring their attention. You can also integrate the indoor signs to call for action purposes. 

Strategic practice to engage your audience

All-way round, it is your business’ persona to tell the theme of your story to ensure customer retention along the way bringing new customers to you. The digital display must not be a mere displaying device rather both actions should be performed—viewing and taking action. One of the effective ways is to design a display mural or touchable screen to tell your story with a timeline subsequently to the actions of customers. This is how your business makes a move from its inception. 

You could install a wall of pictures, a small hand-held screen, and portraits to show to take them behind the scene.  People may also learn from the interface-powered digital signage to the user interface to tell the stories of the figureheads who built it. Digital signage can also be used with different types of graphic content that mirror the index of your brand messages, key values, products, and services you offer.

Your story on the digital screen should be accompanied by:

  • Interactive Design of side ribbon 
  • Tangible interface and menu bar
  • Explore more widgets 

Have a strong CTA

Your business goal is ultimately to yield customers’ productivity thanks to the effect of the story. A story is useless unless it brings fruitful outcomes. The customers are who can give a profitable return to your business. As following mentioned in bulleted notes, pursuance should be led by an interactive interface with the note to steer the potential customers to CTA (Call to Action) to give you a sale in return for the investment in digital signage storytelling mania. 

  • Redirections to your product or services
  • Paperless registration and order placing 
  • Immediately responsive and user-friendly design

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