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5 digital signage myths

Businesses nowadays have become more competitive. You have to make a difference to look distinguished among your competitors. Business publicity entirely revolves around display and advertisement. In this term, digital signage plays an integral role in boosting your business. Although digital signage is not new to advertising, modern digital signage practices have redefined this approach. Thus, companies and entrepreneurs consider digital signage as a great tool to showcase their business to attract a potential audience. Somehow, many myths about digital signage have come into existence that discourages companies from adopting this latent realm. Here we will discuss 5 digital signage myths that may ultimately thwart you to choose digital signage marketing.

Digital signage is a big-ticket

The first myth that renders an entrepreneur to feel reluctant is that digital signage is too expensive to afford. Many SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) do not even bother to consider thinking it is unaffordable. Nevertheless, this myth is totally wrong. There are a couple of good innovative alternatives for digital signage advertisement. Cloud-based signage software is designed for those who hold a small budget. Such dedicated digital signage software offers a convenience to highlight their brand awareness with maximum affordability. Finally, though, the myth about signage with the digital medium being expensive gets resolved.

Moreover, you don’t need to buy additional digital signage players and software separately thanks to the customizable signage software with built-in features. Cloud-hosted signage has eased the need for digital advertisement with many addable options and features.

Hiring a professional designer

The next myth ticks in mind of SMEs that they would have to hire a professional designer to design the digital messages to display. That will burden their budget likewise. Thus, SMEs do not prefer digital signage owing to this myth. However, the good news about designing a digital poster is that there are a good number of designing software available for free. You don’t need to be a master or professional to design your logo and advertisement. For instance, Canva, Filmora, Visme, and Camtasia are some free software where you can customize some out of a thousand ready-to-use layouts and templates. 

professional design

Therefore, it is not always necessary to hire a professional designer to design digital signage content. Canva and Visme offer you a vast list of tools and features with a lot of templates and layouts to design your own desired imagination to induce the audience to head up on your message. 

Digital signage is not for my business

Many people think digital signage is dedicated to fluttering businesses, such as hospitality, beauty, healthcare, and education. However, this is a common misconception born from the myth. No matter how limited or uncommon your business is, it is digital signage that introduces your business to the world. This also helps the community know a business also exists on the planet. People often confuse digital signage with an advertisement, while digital signage not only relates to marketing but also for communication between the public and the company. Even digital signage can be used for internal business affairs with BI (Business Intelligence) integration.

Thus, considering digital signage for your business can become vital to your business. That is why, successful SMEs say, it is the best way to reach people directly through stunning messages. In addition, some good messages can also attract people to capture your message and post it on their social media accounts. This way, your message can reach more people than expected.

Digital signage is so complicated

Another myth that bars SMEs from taking advantage of digital signage is that it is very complex. Anyhow, it is totally out of fact; cloud-based solutions have brought convenience to everyone to use this technology. Some good software developing companies have even developed protocols that do not require HDMI, extra cabling, Flash Player, and chrome lights. All you need is an LED or a digital display, and a sound system (if required). You can even appraise the simplicity of digital signage that you do not require any additional media hardware to display your messages on the screens. 


Digital Signage has been no longer a big deal thanks to built-in designing and editing programs provided by cloud-based solutions for your business. That is how digital signage can be your final choice due to its versatility. 

Overuse of digital signage

Let’s say you have purchased a digital signage solution from a cloud-based service; there will be no limit to designing and propagating your digital messages for marketing. But a myth that keeps creating and posting by bombarding the slogans and notes without proper consideration can spoil your advertisement. Therefore, it is not a good idea either to keep posting content as it becomes over-stuffing. When it comes to digital signage best practices, less is more. Instead, use digital signage with quality content and a detailed but concise and expressive message. That will convey a clear introduction and render the audience to grasp your company concept more diligently. Your business will float atop by keeping in mind the people afresh with your messages’ mnemonic. 

Digital Signage is your business/company’s index; do not use it with head-spinning long messages and inappropriate images. Instead, pull the people’s interest, entice them to read all about you in a glimpse. Remove this 5th myth from your suspicion that an affordable digital signage solution means to keep creating and posting. Post less, but post great. This is the actual meaning to allure the target audience. 


In conclusion, with this post, let’s sum up how digital signage with cloud-based solutions can be viable and affordable. Numerous myths might impact your consideration of this winning medium of advertisement. However, these are mere so-called myths about the signage with digital mediums. You don’t need to be puzzled about its complexity either because design, framing, content, and publishing the messages are under one tool kit of cloud-hosted digital signage solutions. 

That is how the trend to use digital signage through electronic hardware empowered by cloud-driven integration has reserved its integral place in the arena of modern advertisement technologies. Therefore, experts say, it is cloud-based and Software-driven digital signage that has reshaped the concept of digital advertisement, making it both cost-effective and easy to use for any SME or even for big businesses. 

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