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7 digital signage trends of 2022


Digital Signage has been part of our lives for several decades now, but it has evolved significantly in recent times with advancements in technology and increased adoption – ultimately redefining the marketing game to become much more efficient and user friendly. Given that the Digital Signage industry is expected to grow by 20% in 2022, it is only fair that we pay close attention to the space. So in this article, we’ll take a stern glance at some of the remarkable trends that are expected to emerge this year.

Smart TVs as Indoor Displays 

From reliable indications, the year 2022 will see more users adopting Smart TVs as indoor digital signage displays. The transition actually began recently, but these devices are set to be regular home appliances sooner rather than later. It’s not so hard to see why, though. Smart TVs offer greater functionality and versatility without installing additional software. Furthermore, when you compare the initial investments of Smart TVs to commercial displays, the latter is much more affordable and easier to maintain.

QR Codes 

Although they’ve been around since the 1980s, QR Codes were basically just another piece of technological invention that wasn’t exactly necessary.

QR Code

In fact, QR was on its way to extinction until the Coronavirus pandemic sparked its renewed revolution. With the look of things, this burning momentum will be sustained and significantly increased this year and in the years to come. The reason for our speculation is quite simple; Covid-19 doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. As medical experts continue to preach social distancing and touchless interaction, engagement, and transactions – the need for QR codes is expected to spike even more.

Scheduled Content

Content is king. Oh yes, it is; however, it depends on when and how you compile and disseminate it. For instance, you wouldn’t want a children’s accessory product to run at the odd hours of the night when both children and parents are deep in sleep. That’s when content scheduling comes in. More digital signage users are expected to adopt this technique to create time-specific or seasonal marketing campaigns.

Live Content 

While scheduled and pre-recorded contents are effective, the importance of live content cannot be overlooked. Real-time, face-to-face interaction is way more efficient than other means of communication. The stats seem to agree with this opinion. According to reports, the transmission of information from one person to another is 92% nonverbal. Additionally, scientists have found that facial expressions facilitate 53% of communication between two people. What does this tell you? Live content is a goldmine that is under-tapped. It’s 2022, though, and a lot more marketers are looking to reap its enormous rewards. Hence we envisage that more live streaming services will spring up. Other live updates channels like social media feeds will be used to pass important messages, and web-based platforms will also host more events.

Cloud-based Solutions

Despite the amount of technological innovation that has made digital signage a force to reckon with in the marketing industry. A lot of current digital signage systems are still hardware based. Thankfully, content managers are expected to shift their focus to the numerous cloud-based digital signage solutions in the market. As a result, we’ll be seeing frequent live updates about our favorite brand and businesses on outdoor and indoor digital signage systems. The stress of installing additional digital signage hardware other than the display screen (like digital signage players) will be eliminated. Not to mention that content creators will find managing multiple screens a lot easier than it is at the moment.

Workplace Signage 

Workplace Signage

Currently, workplace signage is left mainly for large corporations to explore and practice. But seeing its primacy, a lot more medium and small-sized enterprises are becoming interested in developing office digital signage systems of their own. With that said, we’ll definitely see more firms adopting this system to transmit Internal communication, staff updates, and inspirational quotes to keep workers motivated. More companies will simultaneously try to utilize digital signage systems in their regular marketing campaigns.

Safety Reminders 

In some cases, a reminder could be a  lifesaver. A safety reminder has the potential to provide even more solace and save you from unnecessary errors that may or may not lead to massive economic consequences. For instance, in the Covid-19 situation, safety reminders could be used to broadcast preventive measures and educate citizens about how to prevent contracting the virus. Health-related updates can also be disseminated through this uprising medium, that’s predicted to rise in the coming months.


With the information you’ve read in this piece, you know now which trend you’re supposed to look out for in 2022. But most importantly, you know where you need to direct your marketing efforts and what you need to build. As we march on into the future, we expect to see more superior trends such as Augmented Reality Displays, Virtual Reality Displays, Multi-touch Interfaces, Voice Interfaces and the much talked Internet of Things Connectivity, alternatively called Web 3.0. Let us know in the comment section if you’d like us to feature these trends in another article.

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