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8 Enplug alternatives


In a rapidly growing business race, customer relations and brand recognition are really worthwhile. Under modern commercial brand promotions, the visual content publication is an optimal way for better customer reach-outs. Digital signage underlies the foundation of the latest tech-driven marketing content sharing practices. Unlike obsolete graphic flex showcasing, you are empowered to share real-time commercial ads and brand messages through digital signage displays. The intuitive automation is systematically organized by digital signage software.

Enplug is considered to be one of the most intelligently viable software to run and control digital signage content out of many brilliant digital signage programs. However, it was sold to Spectrio Inc. a few years back. Nonetheless, the software is still as better as its original version but nevertheless, some stakeholders may still be looking for alternatives to Enplug software. This post will envision the spectrum of 8 Enplug substitutes you can use to operate your digital signage screen.

1. Four Winds Interactive

Since the inception of the digital signage trend in the market, Four Winds Interactive (FWI) has been one of the pioneering developers of digital signage software companies. The FWI software was launched in 2005 with resilient features for digital signage. The reason behind ranking it on the topmost shelf is its uniqueness with the integration of omnichannel synchronization with Android, iPhone, SaaS, Cloud, Desktop and Windows. Furthermore, the FWI is also trusted by world-famous conglomerates such as Western Union, Mercedes Benz, Ferguson & Mercy Ship, which sets another feather of reputation on the FWI’s hat. 

The original price for leasing the suite is not shared publicly. However, the expected annual fee is around $10,000-12,000. FWI offers no free or trial version. However, you can see the real-time performance through the use cases and live streaming empowered by the Four Wind Interactive Digital Signage Solution.

2. Novisign

The next masterpiece for digital signage solutions is the Novisign software. It is widely used around the US by academic institutes, brands, healthcare complexes, and restaurants. Serving since the early days of digital signage back in 2001, Novisign introduced one of the first online cloud-based live tv streaming and posting marketing content on a digital screen. The lateral versions of the suite enforced the latest features of content customization along with HD and 4K video additions. Many plugins such as Connect O365, CSV, XML, and Weather are also compatible with experiencing the unrestricted option to broadcast your content virtually through the cloud-driven solution.

Novisign gives the freedom of selecting various pricing plans. Its basic plan goes from $18/month to a premium of $44/month. The relieving thing about the solution is its free version with a limited trial test. The company also offers platinum customizable add-ons in the package with some additional cost.

3. piSignage

Let’s move to another stunning software pack—piSignage, one of the best open source digital signage software. The solution gives a seamless interlinkage with multiple layers of integrations. The beauty of this software is that it was compatible with major hardware and uncommon OS such as Raspberry, Windows and Debian platforms. Users can upload and stream online content through cloud-based and real-time solutions with uncompromising picture quality. Its developer feature empowers you to customize your content and feature with Raspberry Pi Kit and add-ons from GitHub. 

The basic license fee is $25/month for legal use, and $20 is the subscription fee to keep the software updated with the latest versions and add-ons.

4. Play

With all basic to advanced yet contemporary features for digital signage display, Play is one of the best alternatives to Enplug you can use to meet your smart IT-driven advertising needs. Play software can be integrated with major Operating Systems like Windows, Android, iOS, and Raspberry. Google, Amazon, and customizable plugins with well-known social media platforms can run on the Play features to show high-end content on your signage display screen. It is majorly used in schools and enterprises due to its economical price.

The introductory license fee for using the Play digital signage software is as low as $18/month. A free trial version is available for the Play.

5. ScreenCloud

ScreenCloud shares its part in being the considerable substitute for Enplug. In systematic integration with secured privacy and anti-hacking technology, this software is exemplary for well-protected digital signage display. You can turn any hardware (display) into a streaming flow of multimedia content. You can interconnect your existing webpage and social media walls on the go. Thanks to Cloud-driven technology, you enjoy a real-time experience to broadcast and customize the content from anywhere. ScreenCloud also offers online technical and guiding assistance to its users.

The basic price plan starts from $20/month, and the premium version is for $30/month. A user needing more advanced features may ask for a customizable version with extra pricing. 

6. XoGo

Turning the chapter on signage solution software, we confront a great utility digital signage pack to play the screen with our content. Yes! XoGo stands amongst the weighable digital software suites as a substitute for the Enplug. The XoGo package is a set of all software tool kits and plugins. With its enhanced features, its pro version takes you to the next level of experiencing a spectator view of a digital display. Ninja feature enables you to play the content of any type, yet you are free to integrate your native apps. Backend technical support is available for peace of mind after its installation.

The most exciting thing about the XoGo is that its basic version is free to use. You can source it as a free version from its official website. The Premium version is for $20/month.

7. Yodeck

Yodeck comes on the list of extremely reasonable and unbelievably seamless digital signage software solutions. Ubiquitous reachability is the beauty feature that distinguishes it from other peers at this price. Despite being endorsed by renowned world brands like Fords, Adidas, Mcdonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Delta, Yodeck offers a very inexpensive price plan with the latest cloud-based digital signage display solutions.

The jaw-opening price range of the Yodeck starts from $7.88/month and goes to $12.99/month for premium use. The lease price is incomparably lowest among other digital signage counterparts.

8. Zeetamind

Let us end our exploration of the best alternatives of Enplug at Zeetamind. The software is dedicatedly built for digital signage screens. The incorporation of Zeetamind involves integrating widely used online platforms such as Amazon Fire TV, Philips, Android TV, and others in the row. The software empowers you to post your content in multiple languages with correct real-time translation. 

The software package is free as a trial version for 15 days, and then you can lease it for $30/month with a business package. You can also lease the full-fledged version for an annual fee of $100 for up to 50 screens. 

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