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17 office welcome sign ideas


Office decorum trends have been groomed with the advancement of technologies. Not only interiors but office culture has been entirely redefined by information technology. Like paperless environments are getting popular in corporate culture, the same presentation practices are also on the go with digital signage. Gone are the years when notice boards and clipboards were used to announce or welcome an office worker, now digital signage starts to be used for welcome signs and other purposes. Today, in this very post, we bring you the 17 office welcome sign ideas that can be redesigned thanks to electronic signage. 

1. Welcome message

A welcoming message gives an impressive privilege to the visitors and employees. How do you feel when a digital signage display will be displaying a welcome message in your honor? It gives an awe-inspiring feeling to the employee or visitors. In digital signage, a welcome sign also embosoms a feeling of pride in an individual mind. Digital signage is used for this great reason to highlight a warm reception message on a shining digital screen. 

2. Schedules and calendars

Regardless of whatever or whenever the event is going to be held, digital signage is an innovative way to announce the post and pre-schedule a meeting or event. It is also good to go to bring the announcement to the employees’ notice. Have you ever missed some important office meetings on the calendar? Hectic schedule and workload often deviates your attention on the noticeboard. Digital signage shares the event schedule and official calendar with the entire group of employees so they can remember what’s upcoming going to be held in the office in which they are expected to be involved.

3. Announcements


An advantageous benefit of digital signage in offices is that it is a more conveniently applicable way to announce anything important. With sound effects and animated or video graphics, the content attention of the employees is abruptly drawn to pay heed. There are a couple of other benefits such as saving money spent on printing. A CEO, MD, or other figureheads of the company can directly issue an announcement from anywhere through a cloud-computing facility to keep their employees, and stakeholders involved in the announcement to take appropriate action by using the digital signs. Likewise, the employees or team will love sharing success with the rest of the office.

4. Achievements

Out of the way, digital signage keeps no racer with it when it comes to highlighting an employee’s or team’s success. As earlier said, the success of the team is all ways to go with smart technology. So, achievements are the typical motivation for other employees. With the help of smart tools and software-driven videography, you can create something different! 

5. Photos display

Companies cannot only consider the digital office signage for putting videography on the display of a montage of the workers’ achievements at your workspace on the office signages but also displaying some stats, charts, ratios, and photos of the work highlights too! It is also used for event catalogs and photos of the events (photos from organizational events).

6. Video playlists

Another great idea to use an electronic display with smart signage is to create video playlists for the workers and visitors. It would not only enhance the workers’ integrity but also render them feel privileged to show them to their loved ones. This way, an inside advertisement culture prevails.

7. Daily stats and dashboards


Unlike traditional montage, the beauty of digital signage is that it offers some built-in functions to present daily stats and dashboards for showing key business metrics. It is a great way to share the rate of growth along with the successful achievements of the employees’ outputs.

8. Important holiday welcoming

After some holidays for an individual or group, being welcomed stipulates an honored spell of feelings. Employees feel happy when a dedicated message flickers on the signage screen for them. This way, the boost of productive work also improves.

9. This day in history welcome sign

Ahead all your employees are your real asset, therefore, you should keep them educated to debate any topic. “This Day in History Welcome Sign” poses a sizzling impact on employees’ general knowledge to turn their ways for better future horizons.

10. New hires

A new hire definitely takes time to adjust in any office environment. Even though in some offices a new staff member is bullied like a university entrant. However, office signage with digital solutions makes him/her feel secure and respectful when a dedicated message in his favor is displayed on the screen. Moreover, the other colleagues also get introduced to him to interact in an effective way.

11. Motivational quotes

work harder

A job vexing anxiety is always with an employee. So, why not infuse an inspired feeling with a quote each day to stimulate the workers with a motivational boost. It is like a startup day as they rush to the office in the morning. Digital signage also empowers you to create your own dedicated personalized business quote. 

12. Rules and procedures

Offices and corporate firms come with their own specific set of rules, regulations, and procedures necessary to be followed. When some of the rules seem to have been ignored, an MD or CEO can reiterate them by dint of the digital signage in the office. They can set up a polite reminder for their employees representing a company welcome logo and sign.

13. Open positions

An in-house referral hiring or promotions can also be done from within an office. Digital signage ideas will help you when you get an open position for an amazing new job role. 

14. Office culture and shared values

It is great to share an office decorum with particularly traditional culture in the office with the new employees and visitors. Thanks to video and instinctive photo slides your stakeholders can peek through the insight of your office culture with shared values and history.

15. Live streams

Suppose you have offices in different locations, something good is happening on the other branch of the office; you can show the event with live streams with digital signage. You can connect the whole parts of the office with one unit by streaming online through your managed digital signage unit.

16. Weather and news


The performance of the employees depends on the weather and news. These factors affect the health and mental stability of the workers. So, digital signage is used for the live match, weather, and inebriated situations updates that can also be streamed live.

17. Social posts

Trending social media streams and post reels are a great signage idea. It is an essential quadrant if your business is customer-oriented. Digital signage works with social posts to integrate your audience with the various official announcements daily. It keeps them updated on what’s happening globally on social media. 


Digital signage has become a dough for many recipes to be used in offices. There are a lot of ways you can generate an idea to best use this technology. The above-discussed are a mere chapter of the application of digital signage. That is how you can make effective use of this emerging technology to outperform your business and workers’ performance. 

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