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8 OptiSigns alternatives


Half of your business success lies in how people perceive it. As stunning as it looks, more audiences would be interested in the profit-oriented moves. Digital signage has brought up an innovative revolution in presenting the corporate portfolio and user-pertaining content. Plenty of digital signage software is available to tune up with a better display signage solution. Therefore, some other substitutes came into the market even for OptiSigns, meeting end-users’ requirements.  In this post, we will share with you the 8 OptiSigns alternatives that can conform to the needs of the display signage arena.

What is OptiSigns?

OptiSigns is a dedicated digital signage software to functionalize and control the digital signage screen interface. OptiSigns also enables an end user to turn any smart TV or simple LED into a digital signage display.

What is the best substitute for OptiSigns? 

Not every retailer or business can afford such expensive digital software packs. So, to get your digital signage solution which is a key part of your business, needs some brainstorming strategy. To ease your findings, we bring the top 8 OptiSigns alternatives in this post. 

The alternatives will engage your customers and turn your display into a sales-oriented tool by using the visceral content display with exciting features designed to force an impact. You can grow your digital signage installation with modern scalability as you move forward with your business. So, to keep in view the applications and affordability of the digital Signage, we understand your expectations for both prices and functionality.

1. Atmosphere TV

Here the number one choice comes in place of Optisign– Atmosphere TV brings you an exciting power tool to turn your tv into digital signage wonders. 

Atmosphere TV

Features: Besides uploading your own dedicated content, you can share weather updates and a well-designed portfolio with the platforms like Canva, InVideo, PowerPoint, etc. 

Pricing: One-time activation fee is $99.9, along with some additional charges for the separate add-ons. 

2. Embed Signage

One of the best substitutes beating expensive digital signage software solutions is Embed Signage, which tends to deliver digital content onto many display devices. It allows you to spread content propagation on a digital signage network that is ideal for your content needs.

embed signage

Features: Typically upgraded with all significant content display features, the software comes with the upload, design, and share of the content. However, the unique feature of this alternative is that it gives you a three-year data back with critical analytics, which helps you make a decision right for your business. 

Pricing: Introductory pricing of the Embed Signage is $185/year for one device. For additional devices, you will have to pay extra as per the number of devices.

3. Play Digital Signage

Play Digital Signage is an innovative alternative to outdo other competitors in the market. Play Digital Signage offers extensive tools to create mesmerizing visual content.

Features: The Play Digital Signage provides a large range of power tools from Powerpoint, Notes, and data backup with other presentation software. It gives built-in access to tools like a text editor, outlines, emoticons, textual descriptions and snaps, and much more. 

Pricing: Play Digital Signage costs as low as an $18/month subscription fee for one screen. 

4. ScreenCloud

For many more good reasons, ScreenCloud covers some extra miles equipped with the fomenting features for your digital signage software needs.


Features: Special features of Screencloud include all basic interfaces along with the Integrations Icon Integrations, Dashboards Icon, Design Icon, Broadcast Icon, Manage, and OS. 

Pricing: Screencloud gives an affordable price range to the subscriber at $20/month per screen and $30/month. You can yet tailor the charges with additional features and add-ons.

5. Screenfluence

Screenfluence is a wide array of cloud-based digital signage software counted among the best software alternatives for digital signage screens. It provides the aptitude to control and customize the digital content on any screen remotely. 


Features: Starting from basic editing and publishing tools with a user-friendly interface, Screenfluence comes up with a digital signage content management system that empowers you to prepare screen-ready content directly fetched from your Instagram, Dropbox, Google Slides, GooglePhotos, Google Podcasts, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, PowerPoint and display PDFs and much more. All are with a cloud storage facility.

Pricing: The Price range of Screenfluence starts from $20 to $30 per screen, varying in features and extra primitives. 

6. Skykit 

Another scalable tool to turn your digital Signage into a viable one is here with Skykit. The great alternative is to help you impeccably share the digital content on multiple digital screens. You can also manage visitors’ interaction and meeting spaces and remotely be able to deploy it on Android-based devices.


Features: Editing, creating, and publishing goes with the Skykit in its tool kit. Besides, Skykit also offers its dedicated Skykit Beam cloud-based digital screen management. Skykit Turf, Skykit Control, and Skykit Hardware are some of the fantastic features of the digital signage solution.

Pricing: Basic Price plan goes with $20/screen for a monthly subscription. 

7. TelemetryTV

Digital Signage is made more accessible with TelemetryTV—a digital signage app. The software-backed app offers a digital signage content management system to allow you to make up for revamping in agility with a collection of dozens of exciting turn-key apps and visual interfaces.


Features: TelemetryTV has an optimizable list of features, from basic digital content editing to publishing it remotely. It is one of the feasible alternatives regardless of the fact whether you’re deploying it on 10 screens or 1000. TelemetryTV’s digital advertising software can integrate with provision display devices at an intelligent scale.

Pricing: The pricing of this digital signage software subscription ranges from $18 to $28/screen monthly and $35/device per annum.

8. truDigital Signage

With the easy modesty of its application, truDigital Signage meets its words as Connect, Customize, and Deliver. Not only a software solution to your digital Signage, but also it can meet your needs to deploy it anywhere, managing remotely. Users can choose it as an instant substitute for digital signage software.


Features:  An end-user can customize, edit and publish the screen content. Apart from these, the full package of truDigital Signage comes with countless online integrable solutions, apps, and features. Cloud storage and virtual content handling are made possible thanks to fast, responsive solutions.

Pricing: The subscription fee of the truDigital Signage goes from $29, $39, and $49 per month for a single screen. The packages are dependent on a number of features and add-ons provided with the packs.


Staying unbiased, we have brought you the spectrum of 8 alternatives of OptiSigns. The above-discussed software substitutes are the best match for your digital signage solution. You can choose any one of the digital signage software alternatives mentioned earlier. However, we urge you to thoroughly explore the software packs with respective terms and conditions to ascertain whether the alternative is what you are looking for!

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