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10 best digital signage software for small businesses

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In a matter of evolution of business, solemn graphics and visuals have posed an enigmatic effect on today’s business. Conventional brand marketing practices are getting outdated as technology shields over the sheath. Pacing the contemporary and modern business boost approach is one with digital signage. Visual innovation has brought about a difference in entrepreneurial corporations and enterprises. Here we bring the 10 best digital signage software for small businesses as an affordable and efficient brand promotion tool.

Let us share with you the topmost 10 popular and affordable digital signage software for enterprises. The ranking is purely unbiased and promoted for the convenience of the small business community to find the best-fit Software solution to run a digital signage setup for their enterprises.

1. embed signage

One of the sophisticated smart digital signage software solutions is embed signage. As the name suggests the software packs get embedded into the digital signage box to give you control of amazement. Equipped with all content and the latest features it enables the system to perform all advanced applications and plugins. 

embed signage


  • Multiple accessibility platforms such as IdP, 2FA, and Okta
  • Scheduling content publishing with pre-set timetable, content distribution, and bandwidth control
  • Setup on any TV screen
  • Versatility in plugins and widgets to enrich user experience.
  • 10 GB free cloud storage 
  • Virtual handling of content flow.

Pricing: embed software for digital signage is available for $185 for a year. One subscription is allowed for a single device setup. However, additional billing may apply in case of extra service add-ons.

2. Kitcast TV

This newly launched signage software reserves a top position among the best signage software solutions. Kitcast TV offers an elegant environment to run digital signage with powerful software. Hosting all essential elements, it provides a well-equipped interface for admin and user. With its user-friendly edition, even a naive enterpriser can edit the content of his choice. It requires no separate installation as the editor is included in the software package.

kitcast tv


  • Pro dashboard 
  • Awe-inspiring widgets and plugins 
  • Photo and video editor
  • Setup on any TV screen
  • Customizable menu and directory
  • Multiple device integration 
  • Multiple location-wise signage installation synchronizations
  • Cloud-based control
  • Free Cloud Storage 

Pricing: $24/month and $285/year for single screen.

3. OptiSigns

Unbelievably the OptiSigns signage is one of the affordable signage software packs. Like the other peers in the row to make any screen a digital signage one, you can turn over the coin side with hundreds of themes and templates. A ready-to-use recipe here goes with this solution. It enthuses a paramount environment of digital signage thanks to all updated apps and plugins.



  • User-friendly dashboard 
  • Interactive interface 
  • Cloud-based integration 
  • Setup on any TV screen
  • Multiple widget gallery 
  • All necessary primitives for signage 

Pricing: Basic Plan: $10/month for single screen; Pro Plan: $12.5/month for single screen 

4. Play Digital Signage

A reliable solution for your digital signage needs is Play Digital Signage. You can reach your audience with impressive digital signage using the dedicated cloud-based editor. Play smart signage solution offers a cloud-based interface with all of the signage essentials you need and beyond. The environment is as perfect as it should be, nevertheless, the price is reachable for an average small business.

play signage


  • Vibrant dashboard for admins
  • Stunning interface for audiences 
  • Cloud space dropbox 
  • Setup on any TV screen
  • Multiple editor and viewer access
  • Streaming on multiple locations
  • Offline accessibility 
  • Easy and instant installation 
  • Online technical assistance 

Pricing: $18/month per screen.

5. Screencloud

With strong CMS backs hooked software for Screencloud eases strenuous tasks to accommodate your needs for digital signage. It is assembled with the latest tools of screen potential with a more powerful control system than ever. Its unequable modes of communication channels and features help you compete for the fever to grab potential audiences’ attention. Screencloud is an interactive software solution for looping real-time information.



  • Easy mechanism to install 
  • Agile software roots
  • A real touch of cloud computing 
  • Virtually accessible dashboard 
  • Scheduling, editing, posting, and creating are at your fingertips.
  • Setup on any TV screen

Pricing: Screencloud doesn’t quote prices officially, you need to place a quote on request. However, a free demo is offered to check its compatibility with your digital signage needs.

6. Screenfluence 

Another marvel of cloud-based digital signage software solutions is to turn a TV set into a digital signage one. You feel the freedom to design, control and publish content. Thanks to the ability to virtually manage and display your digital content on any screen. You can customize and publish content in seconds, so your screens get up to date with the power of the Screenfluence digital signage software solution. 



  • Quick & easy setup installation 
  • Resilient CMS interface
  • Screen compatible content publishing 
  • Virtual reality graphics
  • Cloud storage and pack download
  • Technical assistance 
  • Affordable and no additional fee

Pricing: $25/month for a single screen. Additional screens will be counted with the same price rate.

7. Signagelive

Being equitable with enterprise-grade features, Signagelive enlivens content with its easy, scaleable, and awe-struck CMS. It meets all of your content editing, publishing, and customizing needs for an impacting content workflow. Cloud-based software tools effectively help automate content handling.



  • Better security 
  • Innovative integration and technology 
  • Improved widgets and plugins 
  • Cloud storage 
  • Free technical support 
  • Turns any TV set to digital signage
  • Easy content configuration

Pricing: $25/month for single screen subscription

8. truDigital Signage

Highly competent for digital signage solutions but a bit expensive compared to other counterparts, here is truDigital Signage for your enterprise update solution. It also offers enterprise-level integrations and virtual and onsite installations alongside creating a custom plan that allows your TV to work as true signage with digital embedding.  



  • Customizable features you need
  • Managed and organized system 
  • Premier technical support
  • Custom design and development
  • Specialty product initiatives
  • Fully developed for advanced CMS
  • Turns any TV into a digital signage 

Pricing: Bronze Package: $29/month single screen ; Silver Package: $39/month single screen; Gold Package $49/month per screen 

9. UPshow 

In the list of considerably advanced signage software suites, UPshow brings a rich experience to both audiences and publishers. Its feature-length software packages instill an excellent broadcast rhythm. So, you can tailor the aspects and Widgets for your desired digital content. All rich experience doubles up with an agile CMS Interface. 



  • Expandable suite to install 
  • Agile software backup updates
  • A real touch of cloud computing 
  • Virtually accessible dashboard 
  • Scheduling, editing, posting, and creating are at your fingertips
  • Setup on any TV screen
  • Plug and play theme

Pricing: The minimum $50 monthly subscription  fee is for small businesses (3 screens or locations or less) with UPshow’s advanced plug-and-play technology

10. Userful Visual Networking Platform

A mastery software product from one of the leading visual networking platforms comes as a Userful digital signage solution. API, KPI, configuration and cloud-driven synchronization enhance the CMS efficiency. Free support service is extra leverage of this software suite making it best for small businesses.



  • Robust security 
  • Innovative social links configuration and technology 
  • Improved widgets and plugins 
  • Cloud storage 
  • Free technical support 
  • Turns any TV set to digital signage
  • Easy content management 
  • Online and onsite technical support 

Pricing: Userful is an all-rounder IT development company, it offers the digital signage software pack at custom-dependent rates. You can tell them your needs and they will quote the price accordingly.


Digital signage makes it easy for your viewers to watch and perceive your brand message at a visual glance. So, digital signage adaptation is a must-have for any small business or enterprise. So the software list discussed above can surely help you adopt the digital signage suite for your annexing with the visual digital era. It’s also imperative to keep in mind that your audience grasps what they want and what directly grows your business by dint of your signage display. However, we urge you to assess your required digital signage needs before buying a software package for turning your display screen into a digital signage presentation.

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