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Top 5 digital signage mistakes


Digital signage changes everything. The possibility to send your message several thousands of miles across communities, countries, and continents – winning over new customers and cementing your place in the hearts of existing clients. But sometimes, it’s all too easy to go amiss and lose track of the goal, in the same way that it’s easy to assemble and implement an average digital signage system. What are the top five digital signage mistakes? And how do you avoid them? Keep reading, you will find all the answers you seek in this article.

Too many distractions on a screen

The end goal of setting up a digital signage system or campaign is to tell the world about your business and brand but there’s a tendency to overdo it especially when you’re just getting started. You want to display as much content as you can but you don’t want to overload your audience or push out too much information. Remember the saying, if you chase two rabbits you’ll lose them both.

How do you avoid this mistake?

  • Don’t stuff the screen with too much text. Choose the number of texts according to the size of your display monitor and viewing distance or use a screen text calculator to decide the right text amount
  • Pick the main subject for each slide to take all the attention. Any other content on the slide should serve as support to the main subject. Do not use too many slides, although this depends on the type of content you are displaying though
  • Take out unnecessary content if you feel the screen is too busy

Poor placement

You might have the best content, but if you don’t get the digital signage placement right, your entire campaign is a waste. You need to find killer spots to place your digital signage displays so that it attracts enough attention. Also, mounting the screen too high or low will reduce customer engagement. You want to avoid this by all means because your customers might have to stretch or bend to see your screen clearly, and this could be a huge turnoff. In the end, nobody wants to strain their neck to see your ads.

How do you avoid this mistake?

  • Place your display screen in strategic places such as passage zones and waiting areas
  • Use an aspect ratio that will enhance your content
  • Keep your display screen at painting height so it’s within reach for people who are too tall and people with special needs


A good Call to Action (CTA) is the icing on the cake of any digital signage campaign. As much as you want to tell them all the amazing services you offer and how it solves their problems, you must also ensure to communicate how they can get on board. Help them make the decision to patronize you easier by providing a personalized CTA. When compared to basic CTAs, personalized CTAs perform 200% better and convert 42% more viewers to leads. To achieve this, ensure that you write your CTA from the “you” perspective or in the second person voice as it is popularly called.  

no cta

How do you avoid this mistake?

  • Create a viable content strategy and follow it through 
  • At the tail end of your content, let your customers know what’s next with a detailed call to action
  • Offer incentives 

Too much text

The goal should be to capture the viewer’s attention within the first three to six seconds. When it comes to texts, the less you add, the better your content. This is a golden rule that must be followed. Stuffing your campaign with too much text will only defeat the overall goal and prove to be ineffective in the end. You want to add as many visuals as you can to make your content more attractive and engaging. 

How do you avoid this mistake?

  • Use suitable text color combinations
  • Reduce the use of capital letters 
  • Pay attention to the text format 

Outdated content

In digital signage, stale content is a no no, when designing your digital signage marketing strategy, prioritize dishing out updated content. Most people would usually start out their digital signage campaign like a house on fire – churning out premium content as at when due. However, it’s sometimes hard to maintain consistency as the desire to update the content tends to wane over time. This could ruin If you can afford it, use infrastructures that support live updates and employ a professional to manage your digital signage system.

floppy disc

How do you avoid this mistake?

  • Make out time to update your content
  • Revise your digital signage strategy regularly to align with the current trend
  • Invest in digital signage equipment that support live updates


To get the best result out of your digital signage campaign, you’ll need to treat it as serious business and put the solutions we’ve talked about in this piece to test. It’s a process that will take some time to yield results so you want to keep yourself motivated to see it through and by all means, do not believe in digital signage myths, avoid complacency and the other mistakes we’ve highlighted.

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