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8 window display tips


Whether you are raking in six figures already or just starting to break even, window displays will always be a plus to your business. But how do you get the most out of them? In this article, we’ll reveal eight windows display tips that will help improve your sales.

1. Know your target audience

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but if you don’t know your target audience, then you probably shouldn’t be in business. Your audience will determine your content and how you display it. The good thing is, you don’t really have to be a statistician to get this done. All you’ve got to do is get an idea of people who would potentially see your display then draw up a list of your target audience(s) from there. For instance, if you own a coffee shop along a busy road with many offices on it, one audience set might be workers heading to work. Another target audience might even be the customers of the businesses around you, who knows? Your final list will give you a perfect idea of the type of content to create and the best time to display it.

2. Stay on brand

Branding goes beyond designing an eye catchy logo and letterhead; neither is using compatible fonts in your messages, emails, and digital signage content. Of course, those things are important and they optimize your digital signage campaign in some way. But these elements will never be as effective as they should be if they don’t represent what your brand stands for. As a rule of thumb, every content that will make it to your display window must be designed to showcase the core values of the business.

3. Incorporate a theme – tell a story

We bet a bunch of your competitors have display windows as well. So, how do you make yours special and more attractive? 


Quite simple, tell a passionate story with a catchy theme. Be sure to deploy your creativity as much as you can while drafting the story/content. It could be about the transition of your business from being a small store to becoming a top brand with multiple offices. Or you could just explain how your product works and which problems it solves. Whatever you divide to write about, just ensure that the theme is fun and clear enough to be understood by a fifth grader.

4. Think visual

It’s no secret that visuals take your digital signage campaign to another level. It increases your conversion rate as well and it’s only fair that you take full advantage of it.

To create the perfect visuals for your window display, you must ensure that the key features of the content like color, emotions, placement, font, and format are optimized.

5. Surprise people

Everyone loves a surprise and your potential clients are not different. In fact, it could be the deal breaker in some instances.


As far as we know, there’s no standard rule for developing content for your window display which means you have the luxury of introducing things that will surprise the viewers and pique their interest.

6. Keep it clean and simple

Most times, as digital signage operators, we tend to underrate simplicity, and that sometimes undermines the performance of your campaign. You’ll always find that extra line of text that sounds perfect, but always ensure not to crowd the screen. Only use text, pictures, or clips that fit; ensure that it’s concise, direct, and addresses all the questions that your customers and potential clients might have. If you are not sure how many words to fit into each screen, follow the 3×5 rule, which suggests that digital signage operators show three lines of text, and each line contains a maximum of five words. Alternatively, you could also apply the opposite of this rule, meaning each screen will display five lines of text with three words or less.

7. Go bold

Another way to optimize your windows display is to make your content bold. I mean bold enough to be seen or read from a fair distance. Getting the attention of your target audience is hard enough; you certainly don’t want to reduce your conversion rate by making your text hard to read. So it is advisable to make your content bold and clear so that clients and potential customers don’t have to strain their eyes to read it.

8. Go digital

Virtually everything has gone digital, and rightfully so because we’re clearly not in the stone age anymore. Hence, if you’re looking to optimize your windows display, opting for a cloud-based solution would be a great place to start. The setup process wouldn’t require as much as an onsite digital signage solution would in terms of cost and maintenance, and most importantly of all, you will be able to create and manage content remotely. You can even innovate competitively by storytelling with digital signage and deliver your message to your customers effectively.

digital signage


All of the points we’ve discussed in this article are basically the standard windows display tips that would yield good results for your digital signage campaign as a whole. However, feel free to try out other ideas that you believe will help your cause.

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